Next Generation Oil & Gas Software

The only true cloud accounting solution for independent oil and gas operators

    Welcome to the 21st Century

    Independent oil and gas operators have some unique accounting requirements. For years, only a handful of accounting solutions on the market could meet those needs, and none of them were true cloud products ... until now. DrillDown brings you the first and only true cloud accounting system with Joint Interest Billing capabilities for independent oil and gas operators.

    DrillDown is the only oil & gas accounting solution built with 21st Century technology and a modern interface on the only platform endorsed by the AICPA.


    • True cloud - DrillDown is a multi-tenant true cloud application, giving your business instant access to new features. No IT help required.
    • Anytime, anywhere - Built from the ground up as a browser-based, mobile-friendly solution that lets you work from any location on any device at any time.
    • Robust dimensional and drill-down reporting - See what matters to you on-demand. Dive deep with financial and operational reports custom designed for each stakeholder.
    • Dashboards - Click on easy, intuitive financial dashboards to get a quick overview of your operational and financial performance.
    • Seamless, rapid fire innovation - DrillDown gets features and enhancements four times per year, keeping you up to date with the complex, changing world of finance.
    • Uptime & reliability - There's no good time for downtime. That's why Drilldown guarantees 99.8% availability.
    • Integrate with ease - DrillDown connects with the best-in-class solutions you're already using to achieve greater speed at a fraction of the cost.
    • Exceptional time to value - Since DrillDown is fast to deploy and easy to use, it starts delivering a return on investment immediately.


    Key Functions

    • Joint Interest Billing
    • Revenue Distribution
    • Pay Deck & Division of Interest Management
    • Check Stub Entry
    • AFE Management
    • Property Management & Owner Management
    • Owner Portal
    • Inter-company Ownership
    • Land Management
    • Production Management

    Core Financials

    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Cash Management
    • Collaborate
    • General Ledger
    • Order Management
    • Purchasing
    • Reporting and Dashboards

    Financial Add-Ons

    • Fixed Assets
    • Inventory Management
    • Multi-Entity & Global Consolidations
    • Period-End Allocations
    • Project Accounting
    • Project Billing
    • Time and Expense Management
    • Vendor Payment Services
    • Web & Platform Services

    Become an MVP

    We want to hear from you! Customers who get involved early in our MVP program get to help prioritize features, guide our product roadmap, and benefit from heavily discounted pricing. Fill out the form to learn more.


    Included in the MVP Program

    • Become a member of the DrillDown customer council, enabling you to provide feedback and direction into the product roadmap.
    • We will provision an instance of the product and migrate your production data for testing.
    • We will provide you with a login you can use to process transactions and test the product.
    • Once your team is comfortable with the product’s functionality, we'll provide one year of the software at no cost, including implementation.
    • You have no obligation to migrate data to DrillDown, but we recommend doing so to fully test the system and its functionality.
    • You may leave the MVP Program at any time, no questions asked. Your data will be provided to you and deleted from the system.


    • Your company is an independent oil & gas producer operating between 50-5000 wells.
    • You will attend a monthly customer council meeting.
    • You will take an active role in testing the system.
    • You will spend at least two hours per month answering questions and providing feedback and direction to our product team.
    Once you apply and are accepted into the MVP Program, the DrillDown product team will contact you to schedule a 1-hour meeting to discuss next steps.

    DrillDown is headquartered in Houston, Texas. For more information, please fill out the form or contact Ken West at or 713-744-8444.